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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some quick answers to the most common questions we receive. To immediately jump to a particular subject, click on the plus sign beside the bullet item.

  • How do I activate my new card? [+]
  • How do I get a Visa debit card? [+]
  • What should I do if there are transactions I don't recognize? [+]
  • How do I check my balance and transaction history? [+]
  • How do I load additional funds to my card/account? [+]
  • Where and How can I use my Skylight debit card? [+]


    Other common questions:

  • What is the Skylight Account? [+]
  • How can I get additional cards or accounts? [+]
  • What is Direct Deposit and why is it good for me? [+]
  • Is my Skylight Visa card a credit card? [+]
  • What do I do if my card is lost or stolen? [+]
  • How can I contact Skylight? [+]


    How do I activate my new card?

    To activate your card, you must call the phone number on the card's sticker before you can use it at an ATM or for purchases.

    During the activation process, you will be asked to choose a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You should memorize your PIN. Do not write it on your card or keep it written down in your wallet.

    Once you have activated your card, remember to:
    * Enroll in Direct Deposit
    * Sign the back of the card
    * Memorize your PIN
    * Keep the card secure
    * Do not give your card or PIN to anyone
    * Immediately report a lost or stolen card


    There are transactions on my card that I don't recognize. What should I do?

    Please contact the merchant and verify that the purchase is not yours. If this not your transaction, request that the merchant reverse the transaction and credit your account with the funds. Some merchants place a hold on your funds in an amount higher then the actual service. This does not mean they are charging you more. These holds will fall off the card as soon as the merchant releases the pending hold.


    How do I check my balance and transaction history?

    We offer a variety of options to help you manage your account.

    Visit your account online: Access your account online anytime to see deposits, withdrawals and purchases. GO NOW Phone number on the back of your card: Call our toll-free automated phone service 24/7.

    Customer Care: For specific questions and needs, specially-trained agents are available to assist you from 7:00am - 11:30pm seven days a week. Just dial the number on the back of your card.


    How can I load additional funds to my card?

    Skylight offers many simple ways to add money to your account. Below are the two most common ways to add money to your card.


    Direct Deposit

    * Download and print a Direct Deposit form
    * Complete all the information on the form
    * Sign your form and hand it to your employer.


    MoneyGram ® ExpressPayment ®

    * Go to a MoneyGram Express Location
    * Fill out a blue ExpressPayment form
    * Receive Code: 2821
    * Account Number: Your 16-digit card number
    * Company Name: Skylight
    * City/State: Atlanta , GA

    Visit Add Money for a more complete list.


    Where can I use my Skylight Visa card?

    There are many ways and places to use your Skylight Visa Debit Card!


    Use your Skylight Visa Debit Card wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Use it at millions of merchants worldwide. Even online or over the phone. You can sign for transactions at your favorite stores and restaurants. All Visa signature transactions are FREE to Skylight accountholders.


    ATM Acceptance

    The Skylight Visa Debit Card is accepted at nearly any ATM! In addition, there are many locations where you can use your Skylight card surcharge-free and avoid the ATM fee charged by some ATM owners (known as a "surcharge"). Other ATM owners may charge a fee for use. Find an ATM listing of the closest surcharge-free ATMs. You will need to enter your card number to get the listing. BillPay You can even pay your bills! Either provide your utility company or other creditor with Skylight’s Routing Number and your account number to setup pre-authorized debits from your account or pay your bill instantly by phone or online using your Skylight Visa card number.


    Skylight Account

    The Skylight Visa ® Debit Card Account is an individually-owned account that is funded by direct deposit. The direct deposits may come from your employer or from a federal or state government agency (such as SSA, SSI, unemployment benefits or a tax refund).


    Additional Accounts

    It's so easy to get a second card for your account. Simply contact Skylight Customer Care at the number on the back of your card and request the addition of a sub-account or joint-account. Here's the difference:



    A Sub Account is an account that is attached to your primary account in ownership only. The Sub account holder does not have access to any of the funds in the primary account and can only access the funds that you move to the Sub Account. Additional fees apply.


    Joint Account

    Adding someone as a Joint Account holder gives that person access to all of the funds in the account. Additional fees apply.

    Once you make a decision about which works for you and the card has been received, simply provide that card to your friend or family member and have that person activate using the website or telephone. For Sub Accounts, you can easily move money online, by phone or using live customer service. There is a charge for this service. Please see the fee schedule for details.


    Direct Deposit

    With just a few steps, you can have your pay or government benefits direct deposited to your account.

    Here's How:

    * Download and print a Direct Deposit form
    * Complete all the information on the form
    * Sign your form and hand it to your employer or benefits agency.

    The PDF requires Adobe Reader, which is a free download .


    Direct Deposit has so many benefits:

    * Save money - avoid check cashing fees!
    * You are in control - choose how much and when to deposit your funds
    * Having your money in an account is safer and more convenient.
    * Staying on budget is easy because you can track your spending with monthly online statements and real-time access to your transaction history.


    Debit Card vs. Credit Card

    The Visa-branded card you receive from Skylight is NOT a credit card. It is a Visa debit card used to access an account at Skylight setup in your name. You will only have access to the funds that are already in your account when making purchases. This means no more unpleasant surprises at the end of the month


    Lost/Stolen Card

    Immediately report a lost or stolen card by contacting Customer Care at 1-800-686-3363. This allows us to minimize and even prevent unauthorized access. You will be issued a replacement card and can choose how fast your new card will be delivered. Delivery by regular mail is at no additional charge to you, and delivery by UPS overnight delivery is available for an additional fee. Please see your fee schedule for details. You receive one (1) free replacement per year.


    Write Us

    Skylight Financial, Inc. PO Box 467428, Atlanta, GA 31146-7428

    *Eligibility for a Skylight account depends on successful identity verification and the ability to receive direct deposit.